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Top Religious News Blogs & Sites for 2021

Few topics on this list are as complicated or as challenging as religion. There are tons of terrible religion websites out there, from bad mommy blogs even to dangerous extremist sites. Don't risk bad theology, wrong news, or dangerous misinformation.

Instead, use our cultivated list. We've picked the most reliable websites on a few things relating to religion: religion news in general, news specific to religious traditions, and the academic study of religion. Keep up with these blogs for the best on those three subjects.

Rom 3:21-26 – Translates, Paraphrase, Notes

Translation 21 But now, apart from the Torah, God’s righteousness has been manifested, being witnessed by the Torah and the Prophets.  22 God’s righteousness is unveiled through faith in Iēsous the Anointed One for all those who believe; for there is no partiality; 23 because all have offended and are shorn of God’s glory, 24 […]

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Studying the New Testament through Inscriptions

D. Clint BurnettStudying the New Testament Through Inscriptions Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2020. Available at Hendrickson and Koorong. During my PhD studies I read Corpus inscriptionum judaicarum compiled by Jean-Baptist Frey (abbrev. CIJ). It was a terrific resource that showcased nearly every extant ancient inscription about Jews and Judaism from antiquity and it was very useful for my […]

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Can You Believe in God If You Have Unanswered Questions? (Video)

Is it possible to believe in God (or Christianity) even though you have open, unanswered questions? What can we learn from the process jurors use to determine truth? What level of proof is required to make a proper inference? To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist. For more information about […]

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Answers to Questions About the Bible (Video)

Many people have questions about the Bible. Is the Bible reliable? How was the Bible assembled? Is the Bible true? In this video, excerpted from a live presentation, J. Warner answers questions about the Christian Scriptures. To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist. For more information about the reliability of […]

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Does Evil Disprove God? (Podcast)

Given all the trauma we might experience in life, how can we reconcile evil with the existence of an all-powerful and all-loving God? In this podcast taken from one of his teaching sessions, J. Warner tackles the “problem of evil”. Subscribe to the Cold-Case Christianity Weekly Podcast on iTunes, or add the podcast from our RSS Feed. […]

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Unhurried: Living with the Long View

Hurry corrodes all that is best in life. Gratitude. Calm. Attentiveness. Joy. Love. Hurry eats them like acid. They steadily wither beneath anxious, relentless motion. “Hurry,” observed Dallas Willard, “is […]

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Orphan + Stand Sunday Highlights

Once again, Orphan Sunday + Stand Sunday this year unleashed a cascade of prayer gatherings, Sunday sermons and messages, engagement events, and other activities in churches and communities around the […]

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